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As part of the Data Protection Act (GDPR) it is now necessary for me to inform you of the information I keep about you and your dog and how it is used and stored.
The information I collect from you is in the form of a grooming record card which holds details you have given me about your dog, your name and address contact number, email and your veterinary practice.  I also hold details of the groom that has been carried out on your dog, the equipment used etc.  I also record any sensitive areas, medical conditions, injuries etc that your dog may have and any lumps, bumps, whether he/she is nervous, their temperament etc.
The grooming record card is a paper record only at this present time and is locked away in a cabinet at the end of each day.
Any email you have sent me with any details, presently is printed off and then deleted from my computer.  In the future records may be held on a database on my computer  which is protected by a password which is changed regularly.

All non returning customers records will be deleted after three years from the last visit and kept for tax purposes only and I will not at any time share customer information with any third party.  If you would like to update any information I hold you can telephone me on 07561 838 929

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